Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tomiki Sensei performing Junana

Here's an interesting demonstration of Junana Hon Kata with Tomiki Sensei as tori and Ohba as uke. I've seen this before, long ago, on VHS, but haven't seen it on YouTube. I've heard instructors say that his demonstration here is so incredibly poor that if they had been his instructor they would have never given him a black belt based on this performance. (Notice the one-star rating on YouTube.)
Perhaps that is too harsh. Certainly Tomiki Sensei knew more than he showed in this demo. I've thought occasionally over the years various reasons (excuses?) trying to figure out why this demo is not that impressive.
Was it because of advancing age? Perhaps he had to move slowly and simply because of primative video equipment? Maybe he was trying to demonstrate something other than what we are trying to see in the demo or maybe it just doesn't look like the way we prefer to teach it. In any case, it is interesting and educational to watch.

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