Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What would you fight for?

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This morning I had an interesting discussion with one of my co-workers. He made the statement...

"Fighting is stupid. It shows lack of intelligence just like using foul language shows lack of vocabulary."
It took a few moments for that to sink in - not because it's so profound, but just the opposite. It is so profoundly non-profound that my mind refused to process it for a few moments. I replied that in my opinion,

"Fighting does not show stupidity. Fighting the wrong battles shows stupidity."
He immediately admitted that he wasn't talking about self-defense, and rephrased, saying that fighting outside of self-defense is stupid. But I don't even think that's right. There are certainly battles beyond defense of the self that deserve to be fought. In fact, of all the possible just wars, self-defense might be the least important.
I think that it is important to take time before the frenzy and blood and insanity starts to consider just what you think is worth fighting for. And I don't mean the new-age hippie definition of a fight as just some sort of social or political struggle. I mean real, honest, bloody VIOLENCE.
In your opinion, what would be worth your becoming violent?

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