Adventures in yoga

Recently, Sensei Strange posted about one of his latest undertakings - kyudo - Japanese archery.  In his post he discussed what it was like to be a beginner again after having been an aikido teacher for quite a while now.  I applaud that! Kudos!  It can be a difficult thing to take off the instructor role and approach a new thing as just that - a new thing.
My thing that I am a perpetual noob at is yoga.  I've been doing it most days for about 7 years now, but every session still surprises me.  Every practice shows me something about myself that I hadn't thought much (if at all) about before.
I've been thinking for a while now about adding a regular yoga feature here at the Mokuren Dojo blog - not because I teach it (I don't), and not so much because I have a niche of readers ravenous for yoga insight (I don't know how many yogi-readers I have), but more because it will help me organize my own lifestyle practices and ideas and because someone else might get something from it as a sort of side-effect.
It also seems like yoga will naturally dovetail with the topics already in play at Mokuren Dojo.  The word yoga means something like 'unity', while aikido refers to 'harmony', judo refers to 'gentle pliability', and sanchin (a karate concept) refers to 'unifying mind, body, and breath'.
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