Sunday, April 04, 2010

2010 Kohaku shiai and rank ceremony

This past Saturday we did our kohaku shiai (club tournament) and rank ceremony.  We had 12 kids ranking and 8 were able to make it to the event.  We did 23 matches in three events - newaza randori (kneeling sparring), tachi randori (standing sparring), and rooster tail (flag randori).  The winners were...
  • 1st place: Matt (5 wins)
  • 2nd place (tie): Nick and Jacob (4 wins each)
  • 3rd place: Whit (3 wins)
It was also notable and interesting to see Quin, the smallest and youngest member of the class, pull off two surprise victories.  Everyone excelled in this shiai!
The promotions of the day were:
Blue belt:
  • Whit – good improvement on ashiwaza (footsweeps) - especially osotogari (big outside reap), needs to work on escapes from holds in groundwork, needs to work on consistency of attitude and leadership skills (showing the others how to act right all the time in class), Whit is great at ukemi (falling) but needs to pay more careful, slow attention to proper falling form in order to keep improving. Needs to work on skills other than pulling guard and turtling up. Whit has become great at throwing koshiguruma (hip turning throw) in randori!
Orange belt:
  • Zack – good improvement on ashiwaza (footsweeps), needs to work on ground mobility and ukemi (falling), needs to concentrate on trying new skills in randori instead of rushing in with sumo-like pushes.
  • Nick – good attitude and attention in practice, needs to work on ground mobility and ukemi (falling). Some work on flexibility in hams and hips will help with this. Nick is a natural leader and has a good influence on the other kids' attitudes.
  • Laurie – good improvement on ashiwaza (footsweeps). Great tenacity and intensity on the ground. needs to work on escapes from holds in groundwork. Laurie has taken to the new throws (like koshiguruma) very well.
  • Stephen – very agile, explosive, tricky motion in standing randori. Needs to work on escapes from holds in groundwork
  • Luke – good attention to instructions - particularly in groundwork, improving at ukemi but needs to work on not clinging to the thrower and dragging them down with him. needs to work on trying more varied skills in randori
Yellow/Orange Belt:
  • Knox – Knox has improved greatly at ukemi (falling) but still neds to pay careful attention to proper falling form. He has also started moving faster in the various drills and has shown more competitive spirit in randori. Needs to work on trying more different skills in randori. Needs to work on skills other than pulling guard and turtling up.
  • Quin – good groundwork - especially in holding technique and especially against younger players (even if they are larger than him). Quin has made progress in controlling his frustration at losing because of his small size. As he gains a little more age and motor coordination, we will start working on showing him how to use his small size to his advantage against bigger folk.
Yellow Belt:
  • Mick – good improvement on ukemi (falling) skills but needs to work on falling without reaching for the ground or clinging to the thrower. 
  • Matt – great competitive attitude in randori. Matt still has occasional issues with frustration when he loses, but that is much improved. Needs to work on falling skills, groundwork mobility, and trying more varied skills in standing randori.
  • Bailee - Much improvement in falling skills and randori. Needs to work on getting off the ground in falling drills (like okuriashibarai). Bailee is a great addition to our class because she gives our larger players (who usually dominate due to size advantage) a challenge. Continue working on improving ashiwaza (footsweeps) and trying varied skills in randori.
  • Jacob - improving falling skills and attention span. Jacob is a great competitor, giving all of the kids around his size a run for their money. Jacob has a great attitude about randori, even when he loses.
Want to know more about how I do kids' ranks in judo?  Check out this article on judo rank for kids or look at my archive of articles about kids' judo.
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