Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What are your club's tokuiwaza?

In judo there is this idea that you learn and practice all the techniques, but you develop a set of favorite or best techniques to focus on - things that tend to work best for you.  These favorite techniques are called tokuiwaza.  We usually think of tokuiwaza as an individual thing based on one practitioner's personality and build, for instance, my tokuiwaza include deashibarai, osotogari, and hizaguruma with perhaps an ashiguruma or koshiguruma in there sometimes.

But I bet the tokuiwaza concept could also apply to communities of players.  People that are coached by the same coaches or who practice in the same context (same city, state, etc...) are likely to have similar sets of things that work for them.  For instance, among my students and myself for the past 15 years or so, it seems like we've probably won the most tournament matches off of kosotogari, osotogari, taniotoshi, and sumigaeshi.
What would you say are your club's tokuiwaza?  Not the individual players but the club as a whole?

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