Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Helpful handful: 5 things judoka could learn from aikido

Yesterday I gave you a handful of suggestions for ways that aikidoka could improve themselves by taking some lessons from judoka. Today the tables are turned. You judo guys want to improve yourselves too, Right? It's be good to be more well-rounded in your knowledge and skills. Try some of these ideas from aikido.
  • Partners instead of opponents - work slower, softer, and more compliantly for a larger percentage of your practice and you will make more progress faster.
  • Hamarejudo instead of kumikata - learn to take control of the opponent using taisabaki and kuzushi as he passes through ma-ai instead of clenching and/or fighting for a particular grip with him.
  • Strike them down with atemiwaza - not your grandfather's karate punches, but a detailed study of how and when and in what direction to strike uke to take him completely off his feet. Study how to throw by striking - how to strike them down!
  • Judo's tewaza are sort of like aikido's kokyunage - many aikido throws could be classified as tewaza, and you could get a pretty good education on techniques like seoinage, taiotoshi, sukuinage, and sumiotoshi by spending some time working on the aikido analogues of these judo techniques.
  • Stop fighting duels - learn a bit about multiple opponents and weapons instead of one-on-one matches constrained by referrees.

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