Thursday, May 06, 2010

Training log

For a long time now on this blog I've been trying different things with respect to training logs. It's a funny thing; I started this blog as a training log for me and my students and it quickly became a whole lot more. For a while now I've stopped posting training logs because although they are helpful to me and my students, they are mostly meaningless to all my other readers.
But they are so helpful to me that I really want to keep doing them. I've thought about doing a different blog just for training logs, or perhaps microblogging the training logs on FB or Twitter, but I think that'd be just one more thing for me to have to keep up with and I don't need that.
So, if you don't like the training logs, tough noogie! Skim past them to my other content.
  • newaza randori w/ emph on flow instead of clenching
  • footsweep control w/ emph on shortening the 3rd step
  • deashi barai
  • deashi-to-kosoto combo w/ emphasis on floating uke if he moves fast to recover
  • deashi-to-ushiroate combo
  • drag&drop kosotogari
Patrick Parker is a Christian, husband, father, martial arts teacher, Program Director for a Cardiac Rehab, and a Ph.D. Contact: or phone 601.248.7282 木蓮
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