Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of... judo

I have written several articles on the idea of a core of a very few representative techniques in judo - a set of kihon that should be practiced more often than the rest of the gokyo. I selected nine techniques as the set of kihon that I teach but I also mentioned that even though these nine are a core and deserve more attention than the others, they are not all of judo. There are many more important throws that teach great skills and illustrate vital principles.
In my scheme of things, we have the kihon (The Divine Nine) and most of the kihon techniques have a set of related techniques that go with that kihon in sort of a cloud of waza surrounding some central principle or idea. 
Here are my kihon and some of their related techniques (not all the related techniques, but it should be enough for you to see the general outlines of the cloud that surrounds each kihon).
  • deashibarai - okuriashi, haraiTKashi
  • kosotogari - kosotogake
  • hizaguruma - sasaeTKashi, koshiguruma, ashiguruma, oguruma
  • osotogari
  • ukigoshi - haraigoshi, hanegoshi, uchimata
  • kouchigari
  • ouchigari
  • ogoshi - tsurigoshi, tsurikomigoshi, kubinage
  • seoinage - seoiotoshi, taiotoshi, ukiotoshi, sumiotoshi

This is the tachiwaza material and structure that we'll be working through this weekend at the Starkville seminar.
[photo courtesy of emdot]

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