Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't let your practice grow stale

Some quick ideas about how to avoid letting your martial arts practice grow stale...
  • go to a seminar
  • host a seminar
  • try a different art - especially one you have always disregarded or discounted
  • try a different focus on your art - what if your goal for your art was different
  • read a book - or a blog
  • write a book - or a blog
  • write an email to a teacher you don't know
  • figure out the assumptions your art is based on and violate one in practice
Or perhaps best of all, combine several of these.  Maybe you can write an email to an instructor you've always discounted, questioning one of the assumptions of your own art, then attend one of their seminars and blog about what you learned...
Patrick Parker is a Christian, husband, father, martial arts teacher, Program Director for a Cardiac Rehab, and a Ph.D. Contact: mokurendojo@gmail.com or phone 601.248.7282 木蓮
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