Friday, June 04, 2010

The first and second rules of judo

So, a while back I mentioned my fledgling Judo Catechism that I'm doing with my judo kids.  It gives us something to talk about during warm-ups.  It begins...

  • Q: What does the word judo mean?
  • A: Soft Art
  • Q: What are the two most important things to learn in judo?
  • A: How to fall right and how to act right."

Lately I've added the "First rule of judo" and the "Second rule of judo."

  • Q: What is the First Rule of Judo?
  • A: "You and me both win"
  • Q: What is the Second Rule of Judo?
  • A: "Find the easiest way for both of us to win."

Hmmm... Where have I heard those before?  The kids are making great progress learning these.
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