Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 2010 Starkville Judo Seminar - Day 2

Today is newaza and shiai.  For the morning class we'll be working through basic positional grappling and basic submissions.  Again, like last class, we'll be working principle ideas.
For escapes, we'll do:

  • kesa and 4 escapes (leg entanglement, situp, uphill, bridge&roll)
  • mune & 2 escapes (bridge&roll, knees-in)
  • tate & 2 escapes (bridge&roll, elbow escape)
  • kami & 2 escapes (bridge&roll, spinout)
  • uragatame & 1 escape (scrape)
  • dojime, 2 breaks (elbow, knee), 2 passes (over, under)
The principle ideas that we'll be looking at include:
  • minimize friction and flatness
  • turn to face opponent
  • 2 hands on 1 point
  • shrimp-bridge
  • elbows&knees in between
  • the above ideas tend to tear apart holds and facilitate escape techniques
  • each escape technique, when it fails, it makes the next one easier to do.
For submissions, we'll do
  • wakigatame and udegarame
  • jujijime and hadakajime

In the afternoon, we'll have a spate of rank demos, including a friendly kohaku shiai

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