Friday, July 02, 2010

I love this blog: Zac's Gaijin Explorer

Zacky Chan's Gaijin Explorer is an excellent blog with a lot of great articles about the cultural experiences of a barbarian living in Japan as well as nice technical aikido articles - frequently with a philosophical or psychological or cultural slant. Here are some of my favorite articles from Zac's archives...
  • This is actually (IMO) Zac's best post to date, and is probably one of the very best posts in the entire martial arts blogoshere. What makes it even more interesting than just the excellent content is the lack of engagement Zac's readers have had with it. Many of Zac's articles get at least a handful of good comments but this one (as of this writing) has NONE. You folks are apparently missing out on a true gem!
  • This next one contains a wonderful view of the inside of a student's head as he deals with the frustration involved with making it to regular practices. I like that. In order to excel at blogging you have to expose yourself some and get personal. I think Zac's solution to his problem would help a lot of folks a lot of the time. Check it out!
  • And an example of some of Zac's more philosophical ponderings, "Do our lives have folds in them?"
I think if you aren't reading this blog regularly, you should be.  Please do yourself a favor and go there right now and bookmark it!
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