Monday, July 19, 2010

One thing - Every so often, play around

First I wanted to thank all the great folks that came to our aikido playday this past weekend.  Everybody that I've heard from said that it was a fun, mind-expanding thing.  We looked at some Filipino martial drills and their relation to aiki. We played with getting in synch and blending with uke's rise and fall better.  We got a brief look at how some pressure point attacks can fit into aiki.  And we briefly looked at some interesting similarities between kosotogake, ushiroate, and gedanate.  But the one take-away point is this: 

  • You have to make most of your everyday practice involve probabilities instead of possibilities.  You have to spend most of your time on the most reliable, effective, efficient core of the art.  But every so often (perhaps once per month) you should play...stretch... try possibilities without too much thought to the probabilities.

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