Monday, July 05, 2010

One thing...

I usually don't do much metablogging - blogging about how I go about blogging, but this is an issue that I have continued to try to deal with for quite a while and I'm still trying to figure out.  I figured some other aspiring blogger might get something from hearing this litany of errors from which I've grown.
This blog started out primarily as a simple training log for the benefit of myself and my students.  When I discovered that other folks were following my blog, I started changing my format to accommodate a wider interest.  Part of this has been a continual attempt to re-work my training logs so that I retain some value for myself and my students but I don't let my other readers eyes glaze over from the tedium.
Now I am going to try a new thing - one single take-away point from each class.  Sort of a condensed, condensed summary.  These should typically be 1-2 sentences about the one "aha! moment in each class," written such that my students benefit but also such that others outside of our particular domain might glean something of value.  If you only remember one thing about each class, this should be it.
For instance, in this last class, we spent a lot of time on warmup, ukemi, and floating throws, but the "one thing," the "aha! moment" was...

  • Floating throws accentuate uke's upward motion just a touch at the peak in order to unhook them from the earth (their power source), then you push or pull them off their base when they try to regain connection with the earth (during an otoshi).
Let's see how these "One things" work for a while.

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