Sunday, August 22, 2010

Judo playday practice points

Yesterday we had an excellent judo playday here at Mokuren Dojo with regional judoka each bringing something to try out on new bodies.  We had a couple of folk from Mokuren Dojo, four from Starkville, and one from Denham Springs.  Stuff we worked on includes...

  • Your arms move only you - pulling yourself into throws.  We worked on osotogari and seoinage as specific examples of this.
  • Up and down - deashi and taiotoshi are down throws.  They can be made to work as uke is rising but they work much better if he is already dropping.  But in the heat of battle it can be hard to get in synch and it can be easy to try to force these on the up.  Try kicking uke into a rise and then throwing these throws on the subsequent drop. This results in great combos like uchimata-taiotoshi and deashi-kosotogake.
  • Relax and don't resist - usually tori has to make a definite tsukuri step in order to attack.  If you watch for this tsukuri step then you can bump uke out of position with a little tap from either arm (your arms make short on-off piston motions at 90 degrees to each other).  The way to develop this is for one guy to only attack and the other to only defend (but relax and no resistance if you miss it and are thrown).
  • Inside series - usually deashi or kouchigari are the first things you can reach when you engage.  We work on deashi-kosoto combos a lot.  Yesterday we worked on kouchi-ouchi-uchimata-otoshi series that we don't play as much.

It was hot and sweaty and I am tired and sore.  Great judo!

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