Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rhythm in striking combos

There is a rhythm to a good combination.  Not every strike can be a full-force crushing blow to the center of mass.  Some beats are occupied by lesser strikes that can be used to good effect.  This rhythm concept can be analogous to drumming.
In basic doumbek drumming there are three notes, or techniques.  Their names are onomatopoeic - doum is the bass note, tek and ka are less forceful, more melodic rimshots.  Listen to the following, thinking of the deep bass (right hand) notes as crushing full-force blows and the other notes as raking or slapping targets of opportunity with less forceful passing strikes.

Can you feel some of those rhythms could be similar to fighting rhythms?  Watch the following (throughout, but especially starting at about 6:00) and listen (in your mind) for the doums, teks and kas...

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