Monday, August 30, 2010

When your only tool is a hammer...

An acquaintence of mine (we'll call him A), who has done a good bit of boxing, recently got in a fight with a drunk friend of his (call him B).  From what I heard it sounded like classic monkey dance behavior...  B bumped A, A said, "look what you're doing," B chest-bumped A even harder, A grabbed B's throat and was more assertive verbally, B punched A in the face, A hook punched B and broke B's jaw.
Seems mostly like clear-cut self-defense (at least as clear-cut as monkey dances in bars between drunk young men get) but now there are all these potential consequences that were unforseen to them at the time.
I think (just from what little I heard) that the broken jaw was probably justifiable, but it sure would have been nice for him to have had some options...

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