Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kubiguruma as failed shomenate?

Sensei Strange et al are having a nice discussion over on his blog about my favorite kata - Owaza Jupon.  In one of the comments it was mentioned that you can think of kubiguruma as a failure condition for shomenate - in other words, you tried to push uke's face and missed, with your arm passing on the side of uke's head away from his lead arm.
I've heard this explanation before - try shomenate and you miss so you grab his neck and do kubiguruma. But then I got to thinking... (you smelled smoke, I know)
Has anyone ever missed shomenate in randori this way?  The only times I ever remember missing shomenate in randori, I'm either being carried away from uke by my momentum so I miss altogether (and I can't grab his head from here) or I try shomenate and uke pushes the hand off his face with his free hand (as in urawaza shomenate countered by wakigatame) - to the wrong side for kubiguruma.
It's kinda hard to conceive of a situation where shomenate would miss on the kubiguruma side of uke's head and you'd still be in a position to grab his neck.
Is this my lack of imagination or is this a sort of contrived linkage between shomenate and kubiguruma?
Now on the other hand, I have done kubiguruma with my hand on uke's face like in shomenate.  Makes for amazing falls. But switching from a failed shomenate to kubiguruma???  I don't know.

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