Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"I dare not fight for fear of revenge"

Whenever someone is talking about self defense some interesting questions always come up...
  • "What if I try to fight back and it just makes them mad?"
  • "What if I sucessfully fight back and they blindside me later?"
  • "What if they take it out on my wife or kids or friends?"
Seems pretty straightforward to me. Sure, you might get some revenge action sometime later in your life but you can't live your life right now based on imaginary worst-case futures... .
If there is no chance of avoidance, then you absolutely must stand up for yourself when attacked.  If you are able to successfully solve the immediate problem right now then you can worry about the imaginary worst-case futures as they draw closer to becoming real and immediate (and you'll often find that they are much less than worst-case).

How do you deal with this sort of potential revenge issue?


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