Monday, October 04, 2010

Weapons in martial arts

One thing that is interesting to me is which weapon systems go with which empty-hand arts.  For instance...
  • In karate classes, you most often see long staff, nunchaku, tonfa, and sai.
  • In kung-fu classes, you see longstaff, spear, and saber.
  • In aikido, you see knife, short staff (or spear), and sword.
  • In judo, the little you do see involves stick, knife, and gun.
Of course in each, you see other weapons but for the most part the above seems typical.  Why do we never see bo work in aikido?  I know the answer is because it just isn't done.  But it doesn't make sense that you can weild a jo in an aiki-like fashion but those principles don't translate to the bo.  Why couldn't someone (for instance) do aiki-bo?
When I first started doing karate in college, we did staff work but I haven't done much of that for a long time.  I figure it's time that I dusted off whatever remnant still lies in my brain...

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