Friday, November 05, 2010

Kosoto gari

I am no master of judo.  If there is one thing that I have mastered, it is screwing up judo.  I absolutely claim the title of Hanshi Screwup .  For instance, In my last post I mentioned that I start new students with deashibarai, well I've done bazillions of reps of deashibarai and I have messed up bazillions minus about a dozen reps of deashi.
In all my vast experience, I've found two very common ways of messing up deashibarai...
  1. tori kicks uke's leg way up into the sky but uke doesn't fall.
  2. tori kicks uke's leg early and uke's leg doesn't move at all.
The second technique I teach, kosotogari, is a fix for the second problem.  Tori sails in and pulls the trigger on deashibarai but by the time he catches uke's foot, uke has weight on it and it doesn't move.  This is not really a big problem.  Turn the corner around uke's weighted front foot, and when uke's far foot falls again, sweep the same leg you tried before.  Because of the change in angles the second sweep carries uke's leg forward rather than across, making it kosotogari instead of deashibarai.  Works very nicely a lot of the time in randori.  In fact, here is a pic of one of my students throwing a very nice round-the-corner kosotogari during a club shiai:

By the way, I have a super-elegant fix for the first problem above - kosotogake!  I guess that just comes with the title of Hanshi Screwup!
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