Thursday, December 02, 2010

The cost of martial arts classes

Several people have told me lately that they were thinking about getting into martial arts but they expressed some concern because of the cost of the places they had checked out.  Since they asked for my opinion, here it is...

No martial arts class is worth $90+ per person per month.  Period. 

Dont get me wrong.  I think martial arts are the greatest thing in the world.  But even my classes are not north $100/month, and I'm the best teacher in the world!

A more reasonable price would be about $50 to $65 per month.

Consider this...

You can practice at the Kodokan (biggest judo school in the world) for about $95 startup fee and $60/month.

You can enroll your kids at Aikikai (largest aikido school in the world) for $100 startup and $55/month.

So, what do YOU think about paying twice that in southwest Mississippi?

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