Sunday, December 12, 2010

The lost urawaza - hikiotoshi

So, a couple of days ago we talked about the Tomikiryu counter-techniques and I posed the question, what semi-standard counters have you guys found for the floating throws?  That is, what have you guys found that disrupts the floating throws most often in randori?
Here's a possibility from perhaps the most aiki-like exponent of our sister art - Kodokan Judo's Kyuzo Mifune.  Check out the first technique in this film in which he readily counters ukiotoshi using taiotoshi.

Now, sure, ukiotoshi and hikiotoshi are not exactly the same thing, but they are certainly closely related to each other.  You might have to take an odd grip as you step in for taiotoshi - perhaps something like in sodetsurikomigoshi.  But if tori does not have a good arm bind and does not hit the timing of hikiotoshi exactly right, I bet you could turn the tables on him in just the same fashion.
Something worth playing with.

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