Saturday, January 15, 2011

Multiple Randori - Spearing into the center

Very nice bout of multiple randori here - particularly impressive because of the apparent youth of the tori.  This young lady has apparently put in a lot of training.  Not that there aren't potential problems.  In this bout she appears to adopt the strategy of aggressively entering onto the center of the crowd of ukes in order to scatter them, almost like a bowling ball hitting bowling pins.  This strategy is risky but she pulls it off, partly because of her youth and the vigor with which she attacks.  Older, fatter men might think twice before trying this strategy.  Also, her ukes were holding back and attacking her singly even though she positioned herself where she could receive multiple attacks at once but randori goes like that sometimes.  Overall I'm impressed with the demo, mostly because of her age and size.

Patrick Parker

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  1. I was just watching this one earlier today. She would have gotten hosed if they weren't playing cooperative aikido. She literally had an attacker waiting around right behind her waiting his turn. I vote good effort and training, but the film is an example of undeveloped strategy.


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