Sunday, February 13, 2011

Variation: continuous aikijo suburi

So, you have application, from which is abstracted solo kata, from which is abstracted kihon or suburi.  Sort of like the process of distilling salt out of a solution.  Works great, but eventually (especially if you are working this system backwards as I mentioned in the previous post) you are going to want to put the salt back into solution to get something like the original thing that you started with (functional application).
Here is an interesting attempt to take the 20 suburi of aikijo and put them back into solution, as it were.  They are still condensed and identifiable as the kihon of the system, but they have been placed back into a context of more flowing motion.  The commentators on YouTube were about evenly split as to whether they liked or disliked this flowing kihon.  I think it's an interesting mode to practice your kihon in.  You might want to learn the kihon in a more traditional, separated mode, but once you've repped them a few thousand times to the satisfaction of every sensei you can find, why not use this as a more interesting shorthand for practicing kihon?

Patrick Parker
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