Monday, March 14, 2011

Another way to get off your heels

I take about a million blood pressures per day using a manual cuff and stethescope, and this is a great way to work on some aikido outside of class.
See, nearly 100% of the time when I approach someone to check their pressure, they hold their arm straight out toward me (sorta like a zombie attack).  They are trying to help, but it actually gets in the way of me getting in position to do the measurement.  So, about a million times per day I get a chance to shift outside their arm (into shikaku) using a #4 release motion.
I noticed today (because of the correction I got at the Union seminar) that I was standing on my heels, So I am resolved now to use this fortuitous million reps per day to practice shifting to shikaku with release#4 and remaining on the balls of my feet while I'm within reach of one of my patients.
Try it - find some interpersonal interaction that you have a lot throughout the day, and practice that interaction from a position of shikaku while standing on the balls of your feet.

Patrick Parker
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