Saturday, March 05, 2011

BOMP - Introduction

So, this year we're going to be discussing The Book of Martial Power on this blog on Saturdays.
Which style of martial art is the best?  Should I train in one or two or all of them?  What do they all have in common despite their differences? Is there any basis for comparison among and between styles?
Steven J. Pearlman's Book of Martial Power (hereafter BOMP) starts out from the point of view of these questions, and with the thesis that there are commonalities between all martial arts - and that those commonalities involve the underlying principles that power the individual styles and arts and strategies and tactics.  BOMP suggests that it is these underlying principles that we should be focussed on to a larger degree than the unique differences between styles and guidelines and personal preferences - study the roots and trunks instead of the twigs and leaves.
I agree.  Commonalities and underlying principles are what we should spend more time studying.  Not that the differences between styles and arts are insignificant - but the commonalities are far more interesting and productive of martial artistry.
Do you agree or disagree with this thesis?  What path of martial arts experiences leads you to agree or disagree?

[photo courtesy of hddod]
Patrick Parker
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