Monday, March 28, 2011

How should we do "mutual benefit?"

So, Kano's Kodokan came up with these ideals upon which judo is supposedly based.  One of them translates to something like...
Mutual Benefit and Welfare
You and me going forward together!

 or even

You and I Shine Together!

I've been having a discussion with some buds on FB and I suggested that I'd seen plenty of judo instructors and clubs that didn't seem to buy into that mutual benefit ideal.  Someone countered by saying that pretty much all the clubs they'd played with over the years had payed at least some lip service to the mutual benefit ideal.
That has me thinking (you smelled smoke, right?)
  • What is it that any of us actually DO that is mutually benefitial?
  • What mutually beneficial behaviors do we participate in?
  • How do we go about this mutual benefit thing?
  • The instructors/clubs that we don't personally like - how can we tell if it's because they aren't into the judo ideals or just because they are our competition?
Hmmm.  You've got me thinking...

Patrick Parker
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