Friday, March 25, 2011

Naihanchi - the lo-hi push-pull

This is one of the most distinctive movements in naihanchi, and is probably the most versatile motion in the entire exercise.  It can be interpreted quite simply as...
  • grabbing something low and holding or lifting it into a strike or grab coming from the high section
  • grabbing something high and holding or pushing it down into a strike or grab coming from the low section
Basically this is a Point of Origin concept - wherever your hands happen to be... whichever one is available, use it to grab something on the opponent (high or low) and push/pull it offbalance and into a strike from the other hand.  Again, the strike can be uppercut, hammer, forearm smash... whatever works in the moment.

Often this is more concretely interpreted by beginners as grabbing sleeve or hair and jerking downward into an oncoming uppercut.  That is a great example of this lo-hi push-pull.
Patrick Parker

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