Sunday, March 06, 2011

Union judo clinic

Just back from a fabulous clinic at Union university in Jackson Tennessee with Nick Lowry and his mob of judo animals.  I've gotta download some of the info from my brain before my head melts!
First Day

  • gripping at shoulder level
  • footsweep to control drill - curl and control foot against slight isometric tension.  Emphasis on walking on balls of feet, pointing toes, and curling from bottom upward.  Also, work this drill faster occasionally, with a skipping rhythm.

Second Morning

  • taiotoshi on the move
  • osotogari - stepping dynamically around stiffarms and also at extreme close-range and isometric.  Emphasis on pointing the sweeping toe.

Second Afternoon

  • dynamic hip throws - staying in motion instead of standing still and lifting
  • intensive discussion re: gripping, touch, yielding, and delivering power in both judo and aikido
  • entries into groundwork - Matl kouchi kneeling over thigh into kesa, ushirokesa and a cool ushirokesa escape, broken kamishiho, ukigatame with tegatame armbar, wakigatame (possibly off of TKgoshi or oguruma) into the ground, and turning a face-down opponent using Berliner's far shoulder push.
  • jodo -seiteikata#7, emphasis on wedge-shaped sword traps

____________________ Patrick Parker
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