Friday, April 15, 2011

Balance in ju and go

To me, one of the central ideas illustrated by the junokata and gonokata pair that I posted a few days ago is that what you are really after is not flimsy, flacid, impotent weakness - nor is it unyielding, constant hardness. 
Junokata and gonokata seem to illustrate yin and yang (in and yo).  Junokata is stability and strength within pliable yielding.  Gonokata is resistant muscular strength that can instantly and appropriately change or yield - pliability within strength.
What you are seeking in these two kata is a state of ever-shifting balance between strength and yielding.  An artfully-managed compromise at all times between go (gentle strength) and ju (strong gentleness).
I like the idea of approaching the ideal from both sides.

Patrick Parker
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