Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Helpful handful: principles of junokata

The combative coolness is kind of hidden in junokata, but here are a handful of principles to watch for when watching junokata.
  • avoid - get out of the way and overextend uke using his momentum
  • roll - if you can't get out of the way, yield to uke's force then redirect it
  • release - if you can't yield (because they are holding you) then break the grip in its weakest plane
  • get the back - get behind them whenever possible.  If they get behind you then you must escape or destroy their balance decisively.
  • control points - you become better able to flow if you move uke into an off-balanced control position instead of trying to blast them through it.  If you can place uke right at the point of no return, then you can control, destroy, or flow as needed.

Watch this performance (the best I've been able to find on YouTube) with those five pointers in mind...

Patrick Parker
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