Saturday, May 28, 2011

BOMP - Ch 10 - Ratio

This year we are discussing the Book of Martial Power (BOMP) on Saturdays.  
In this chapter, Pearlman compares our resource usage to our yield in several ways.
  • Effort vs. Yield
  • Power vs. Yield
  • Movement vs. Yield
  • Time vs. Yield
  • Space vs. Yield
This provides us several additional targets to aim for technically.  We would like for our techniques to maximize yield or result or output or effect, while minimizing our expendature of effort, power, movement, time, and space.   These are so inter-connected that they are almost five different ways of saying the same thing, or I suppose you might see them as different lenses through which to examine your technique.
  • Can I change this technique so that it feels easier to me but gets the same effect or greater?
  • Can I change this technique so that more of the power that I generate gets transmitted to the opponent?
  • Can I make the movements of this technique smaller while getting same effect or greater?
  • Can I modify this technique to achieve my effect sooner or faster?
  • Can I modify this technique so that my power is applied to him over a shorter space?
Sometimes you can make something faster, and sometimes you just have to make it better at the speed it is already going.

Patrick Parker
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