Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ichikata - variations on ryotedori

The fourth and final set of techniques in Ichikata are ryotedori (both hands held) responses. I like to play these with a very light, void feel similar to the 3rd set in which you fade back away from a shoulder grab.  Here, you fade back, drawing uke into overextension as he grasps for your arms.
  • tenchinage
  • kataotoshi
  • shizumiotoshi
  • shihonage
  • gyaku kotegaeshi
  • ushiro ryotemochi maenage
Another thing that really stands out to me is the similarity between this set of techiques and those of Owaza Jupon.  All but the last of these ryotedori techniques have analogs in Owaza.  Makes me think that whoever invented Owaza must have been looking at and thinking about Ichikata or Gokata (this stuff is repeated there).
Patrick Parker

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