Sunday, May 15, 2011

Koryu Dai Ichi at Windsong

Wow! I can hardly wait!  This coming weekend I will be leading a class on the aikido exercise, Koryu Dai Ichi at Windsong Dojo.  What's even more special than the interesting material will be the group of ultra-cool aikido folks in attendance.  I can't wait to get to play with these folks again!  If you guys are able to make it I'd love to see you there.  Details from the Windsong flyer follow.

Patrick Parker :  Koryu Dai Ichi Clinc
Friday  May 20, 2011  - 6-9 PM
Saturday May 21, 2011 10 Am to noon  and 3-5 PM
cost $20 per session or $50  for all three

Patrick Parker, 6th Dan Instructor at Mokuren Dojo, will be presenting ideas and interpretations from his study of Koryu Dai Ichi.  This exercise presents several interesting variations on distance, initiative, and resistance conditions in suwariwaza, wrist releases, and ryotedori attacks.  These variations and ideas are critical for exploration as students advance beyond the initial learning of the Junana Hon Kata.  Koryu Dai Ichi also provides an amazing exploration of "weaving offbalances" that you will not want to miss.

Patrick Parker
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