Sunday, May 22, 2011

Returned from Windsong

Whoa!  I just got back from leading a seminar at Windsong Dojo.  We worked on my understanding and interpretation of Koryu Dai Ichi.  Funny thing was, I got the opportunity to "teach" this stuff to a huge group of my longtime heroes in the art.  These guys that I have always looked up to, and whose skill I've measured my own by.  And you know what was particularly trippy?  They liked it!  I got the most effusive compliments!  This seminar was one of the most affirming, enriching things I've ever been to!
I know that I missed my weekly blog post on the Book of Martial Power this past Saturday.  I'll get to that early this week.
I think they got some good video of me massacring Koryu Dai Ichi, but I think it's likely a tremendous amount of video (they shot three 1.5 hour classes from 2 cameras, one fixed and one roaming) so I think it'll take a good while before that is edited and available.
You can also look forward to me finishing up my comments on Ichikata this coming week, and a list of jodo tips that I got from Jack Bieler.

Patrick Parker
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