Monday, June 13, 2011

But you're throwing them on their heads!

During the kid's judo rank demo this weekend, we were demonstrating one of the two most important things that we teach in judo - how to fall safely.  This picture was of the results of an okuriashibarai double foot sweep - and the results are so surprising to an outsider that a mom protested, "You're throwing them on their heads!"
I had to stop and show that, with me holding their sleeve and standing upright, and them holding my sleeve, it's not possible for the kid's head to hit the ground... (unless both of our grips slip, which can happen - that's why we have informed consents and waivers.) But seriously, you think I'd damage my dojo floor by bouncing this batch of heads on it!  Come on, Mom!

[photo courtesy of Elise D. Parker]

Patrick Parker
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