Saturday, June 11, 2011

Movin' on up to the East Side!

Today we had a busy day of martial arts.  First a Nikyu rank demo for Todd.  His atemiwaza was very nice, I think he was pleasantly surprised with his hijiwaza, and his tekubiwaza was fine.  I think his strongest individual  techniques today were #2 - aigamaeate, and (surprisingly) #9 - udehineri, and his techniques that need the most work included #4 - gedanate, and #10 - wakigatame.  We spent the rest of the time working on some atemi that can be added to #7 - udegaeshi, and on chaining from release#7 to kaitennage to oshitaoshi to hikitaoshi and to wakigatame.
Congrats to our new Nikyu!
Later this morning, we had a judo rank demo for a pile of kids - had two that moved to yellow and two that moved up to orange belt, as well as a pile of stripes.  These guys ukemi is looking really good, and they demonstrated osotogari, koshiguruma, morotegari, and kouchigari.  On the ground they demonstrated uphill escape from kesagatame.  Then we did randori and they all really shined!
Congrats to our new yellow and orange belt kids, and congrats to all of the kids for putting forth such a great effort and doing  so good!
Patrick Parker
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