Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to break a judo hold - chock the hinge

This is a great example of a motion that will help you to start tearing apart your opponent's hold-downs so that you can facilitate an actual escape technique.  This particular example is kesagatame (the scarf hold), and the idea probably shows up most clearly here but it is definitely applicable to other situations besides kesagatame.  I call this maneuver, "chocking the hinge." You can see it in the above video at about 0"10 and again at about 0:16 (though it is kinda de-emphasized here.)
Imagine that you have a heavy door on a hinge and you want to break the door off the hinge (Why?  I don't know.  Just go with me for a minute.)  If you place a chock (redneck word for a block or wedge) right against the hinge and slam the door against the chock, the weight of the door will tear the hinge apart.  The chock becomes the fulcrum for a class 1 lever with massive mechanical advantage at the point of the hinge.
Now, imagine kesagatame as a door on a hinge.  Your shoulder that is being held is the hinge, your body and his body are the leaves of the hinge.  You already have a chock in place (the curve of your ribs and his ribs), so go ahead and open the door (swing your feet and hips away from your opponent's) and slam the door violently over the chock by banging you hips hard into his.
Try this breaking the hinge motion a time or two and see don't you have more space around your held shoulder, either facilitating an escape or forcing him to reposition.

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