New Schedule and Location for 2016

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays from 8-9PM at Rejoice Dance Studio, 1418 Delaware Avenue, McComb MS.

Why is it...

Why is it that pretty much whoever you ask around the country (maybe around the world) will tell you...
Public schools all suck, except our local school is not as bad.  It has caring, competent professionals who are trying hard - it's all the other schools that really suck!
But they'll also tell you...
Hospitals all suck - especially our local hospital.  They are a bunch of greedy, incompetent, uncaring bastards - and our local hospital is much worse than the rest!
Apparently, no matter where you live, the local schools are better than average and the local hospitals are worse than average.  Different institutions seem to induce folks to esteem their local instantiations of those institutions higher or lower than average.
...and heres another one that I heard today (that may be true, I don't know) that I found interesting...
Mechanics at car dealerships are crooks that do unnecessary work to squeeze people out of some cash - except our local dealership - theyre honest there!
Is it the same phenomenon as how we are all convinced that we have stumbled into the one true martial art with the only true master that really understands the magic of the ancients?
Patrick Parker