Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BOMP - Ch 27 - Structure

This year we are discussing the Book of Martial Power (BOMP)

Chapter 27 is a sort of a review chapter, but in it he does something remarkable!  On the face of things, it is a note that henceforth in the book he will use the word "structure" as a shorthand for five recently-discussed principles...


But, more profoundly, and more importantly, Pearlman  has managed to boil down much of the vague, pseudo-spiritual, mystical-sounding talk about 'structure'  and 'ground-path'  and 'root'  and different 'energies' and such into a handful of easily-teachable, easily understood (though admittedly, not trivial to ingrain) principles.

Pearlman has gone a long way towards giving us the language we need to discuss the more vague, woo-woo, spooky parts of our arts.


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