Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BOMP Ch. 29 - Relaxation

Please join our ongoing discussion of Steven Pearlman's excellent tome, The Book of Martial Power

In this chapter, Pearlman covers the much-talked about topic of Relaxation.  I have previously covered relaxation in several articles here.  Pearlman doesn't seem to add too much in this chapter except that his previous chapter, Heaviness, really has the meat of the issue in it.

What I did find interesting was Pearlman's typically elegant description of the issue, "...power comes from movement in one or more joints." [as opposed to coming from isometric strength across those joints.]  This brought back to mind the physics definitions of the phenomena under consideration.  I'm certainly no physicist, but basically...

Power is the ability to do work.

Work is the ability to make things move.

Thus, you get work done, or you exhibit power, by moving - not by trying to being strong.  I thought that little reminder was interesting

[photo courtesy of takomabibelot]

Patrick Parker
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