Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Legendary heart yankers!

Some time back I did a series of articles about martial arts urban legends, like 3000 year-old martial arts and knocking peoples noses back into their brains and that sort of thing. Today I was reminded of another.

This morning I ate breakfast with a Vietnam vet aquaintence, and he asked if I still taught judo.  When I said yes, he immediately started in on how he used to do judo in "'Nam" and wanted to know if we also practiced, "the neck method" in our judo. I think I managed to avoid rolling my eyes.

Then he claimed that his special forces judo buddies had "broken their hands so they would grow back together into blade hands" and that they had been trained to stab their hands through enemies chest or abdomen in order to grab their heart and "yank it out!"  He said this was their preferred method of silent sentry removal.

I just nodded and said, "wow!"

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