Monday, September 10, 2012

Change is the only constant

Every so often I make a few little (and sometimes big) changes to keep the Mokuren Dojo blog fresh.  You'll notice that yesterday I removed the schedule and map links at the top and side and just put the schedule and map right at the top of the sidebar.  I'm also going to be tweaking some of the lower sidebar a bit in the next few days, but the thing I really wanted to get y'all's input on today was the comment system.
I'm thinking about disabling comments for the blog site entirely, for the following reasons...
  • I have rarely ever been able to get a good conversation going in the blog comments anyway.
  • Most of the folks that do comment on my articles follow my blog on Facebook and they comment over there.
  • I haven't really liked any of the three comment engines that I've tried (Blogger, Disqus, and IntenseDebate).  The Blogger comment engine is primitive and the other two are glitchy and cumbersome.
  • The comment fields and comment sign-in fields and etc... just take up real estate that can be put to better use. 
  • I won't have to worry about getting posts written in Cyrillic or penis enlargement ads or Nigerian scams in my comments any more.
Anyody have any thoughts or suggestions on this?  Anybody care one way or the other?
Patrick Parker
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