Friday, October 26, 2012

The connective tissue of combinations

In our bodies we have connective tissue.  This is the bone and ligament and fascia and tendon that keeps everything hooked together and contained and looking human-shaped.
In judo, deashibarai (and/or kosotogari) is the connective tissue for combinations, because...
  • anytime you are in a grappling situation (close enough to touch) you are likely to be able to reach deashibarai/kosotogari
  • anytime you try a deashi/kosoto and it fails, it leaves you in synch with the other guy (better off than you were)
  • you can do a deashi-anything combo
  • you can do an anything-deashi combo
  • this means that you can pretty much insert deashi in the middle of an anything-anything combo as a productive bridge between thing-1 and thing-2.  Or in other words, deashi allows you to connect any two techniques in either order into a combo.
For these reasons, just like our judo pretty much starts and ends with deashi, our study of combinations starts and ends with deashi.

Patrick Parker
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