Thursday, October 25, 2012

Union U. Fall seminar topics

One of the topics that the Union Judo guys were saying that they wanted me to cover in our Fall seminar in a week or so is more advanced tachiwaza - like for Brown belts. Gotta keep feeding those budding club leaders and instructors.
Well, here is what I consider to be the core issues in tachiwaza in our syllabus...

  • 9 fundamentals (deashi, kosoto, hiza, osoto, ukigoshi, ouchi, kouchi, ogoshi, seoi)
  • 3 ashiwaza (okuri, haraiTKashi, ashiguruma)
  • 3 koshiwaza(TKgoshi, haraigoshi, hanegoshi)
  • 3 tewaza(ukiotoshi, taiotoshi, sumiotoshi)
  • 3 pick-ups(morotegari, sukuinage, teguruma) - these have been historically de-emphasized and are again out of fashion, but I think it's important to keep them in the game.  But with that said, I don't plan to cover these much at all at our Fall seminar.
  • 3 back sacrifices(tomoe, sumigaeshi, urranage)
  • 3 side sacrifices (yokootoshi, yokoguruma, yokowakare)

Sure, someone's first comment is bound to be, "You didn't list the most important throw (my favorite throw)" - like sasae TK ashi or uchimata or oguruma.  I don't consider those to be central throws but rather minor variants of other throws.  In any case, I plan to work primarily with the brown belts on the ashiwaza, tewaza, and koshiwaza listed above.
We will also be having some awesomeness for the lower ranks, some discussion with the brown belts about how to put combos together, and some choking/self-defense awesomeness for everyone.

Patrick Parker
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