Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Structure of koryu dai ni

The second of the "advanced" kata in Tomiki aikido (Koryu Dai Ni), is comprised of 16 techniques.  Almost all of the techniques are repeats of previous material (Junanahon kata), but applied here in different contexts.  There are, however a handful of new ideas here, including juji garame nage (the crossed-arm throw - allegedly one of Tomiki's specialties) and a couple of judo techniques (katagatame and ukiotoshi).
The techniques in this kata are applied with an emphasis on small footwork and powerful hip shifting/twisting movements.  This type of application is particularly suited for small, tight spaces.
Overall, the kata consists of...
  • 3 wrist grabs
  • 8 attacks from the rear
  • 5 diagonal slanting strikes to the head
The 8 rear attacks are broken up into sets of 2 attacks, alternating right and left sides, and you can see that there is a progression to the techniques - uke is attempting to apply tighter and tighter control to tori in subsequent sets...
  • 2 rear 2-wrist grabs
  • 2 rear wrist-and-collar grabs
  • 2 rear 2-shoulder grabs
  • 2 rear wrist-and-choke attacks
The 5 slanting strikes also alternate between right and left sides

Patrick Parker
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