Thursday, December 06, 2012

Diversify for survival

There is a lot of talk these days on Facebook and even some on the more traditional news sources about some combination of the Government and the UN and the Democrats (and maybe even alien invaders and undead communists) plotting and planning to take away our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
I can't ever figure out who to trust - I'm certainly not going to get my news from Facebook, and sources as diverse as Public Radio and FOX news are all at times both reasonable and ridiculous - so I will not weigh in today on the likelihood of our gun rights ever being seriously abridged.
But I did want to make a comment - and this applies to whichever side of that gun control issue you think you're on.  Don't rely solely on guns (they're just machines, for goodness sake!) and don't count on the perpetual good-will of the government toward your use of a gun.
You would be well-served to diversify your self-defense and survival skill-set.
Sure, you should practice with your guns and you should continue to lobby to protect your right to keep and bear arms, but you should hedge your bets.
Practice Proficiency in ...
  • BLADES (knives and swords)
  • BLUDGEONS (sticks and clubs)
  • BODY (unarmed)
  • BRAIN (the art of strategy)
  • BRAWN (strength, endurance...)
...for Protection.
One B is not enough.

(Can you tell I was feeling assonant today?)

Patrick Parker
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