Monday, January 07, 2013

Where we've been, where we're headed

The beginning of January is, for most folks, a time for reflection and planning seeing where we've been over the past year and trying to figure out where we're going in the next year.  Sure, it's sort of arbitrary to do it at this time.  Sure, we should do it more often - perhaps even constantly.  But I think it is a pretty good custom so long as one does not go overboard and get compulsive about it.
2012 has been a year of intense personal growth and dojo growth...
  • I had the pleasure of seeing two of my long-time students successfully demonstrate for shodan and one for nidan! Congratulations again, Mario, Kel, and Andy!  Keep it up and there is no limit to our potential!
  • Weapons emphasis - We instituted regular weapons classes and have improved greatly in jo, ken, and tactical knife.
  • We had a lovely ABG here at Mokuren dojo - Jodori and Jonage
  • I got to attend the Howard Popkin seminar at Windsong in OKC - Internal strength and Daitoryu
  • I got to go teach at Windsong in OKC - Kodokan Junokata
  • I got to attend a great get-together with Nick Lowry, Greg Ables, Kyle Sloan, and the gang at Union Judo in Jackson TN
  • I got to teach at Full Circle Aikido club in Killeen TX - Owaza & etc.
  • I got to teach jo at Wall-to-Wall in Denham Springs a couple of times.
  • I got to go teach jo and sword at Akayama at Foley Alabama.
  • I got to attend an SMR jo seminar at Dallas TX
  • I got to go teach at Richmond VA - Ashiwaza and Junokata
  • I got to host the incomparable JW Bode here at Mokuren Dojo for a couple of days.

In 2013...
  • This year we will be having an emphasis on Koryu-dai-ni, Koryu-dai-go kata, and Kodokan Goshin Jutsu.
  • I fully expect to see two more of my students demonstrate for shodan this spring - It's coming down to the finish, Jason and Todd! At least the finish of the first step!
  • I would like to schedule one seminar or teaching trip per month with the exception of October (ABG in Magnolia) and April (rank testing in Magnolia)
  • Two weekends each month will be spent shooting, hunting, or camping with the family.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing the growth and flourishing of my students' clubs - Union Judo, Konwakai Dojo, and Kazoku Dojo

Patrick Parker
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