Friday, March 29, 2013

Aikido in Mississippi

For a long time, there has been relatively little Aikido in Mississippi - at least relatively little that could be found.  We were all doing our own private things in our own little private ghettos with a few of our own people.  But now there are several established aikido groups throughout the state and we seem to be interacting with each other more.  So if you are looking for an aikido class, here are some starting points...

Aikido of Hattiesburg
Hattiesburg, MS
Instructors: Adrian Castillo and Danilo Mezzadri

Coastal Winds Martial Arts
Long Beach, MS
Instructor: Dallas Lloyd

Eight Winds Aikido Society
Gautier, MS
Instructor: Carmen Pelusi
(228) 497-9899

Eight Winds Aikido Society
Pearl, MS
Instructor: Mike Chapman

Mokuren Dojo
Magnolia, MS
Instructor: Patrick Parker

Tupelo Aikikai
Tupelo, MS
Instructor: William Gibson
662-871 - 1027

University Aikido
Starkville, MS
Instructor: John Usher

Vicksburg Aikikai
Vicksburg, MS
Instructor: John Porter

Of course, this list is bound to be incomplete and/or incorrect.  If you teach aikido in Mississippi and would like to be on this list or if you have corrections, don't hesitate to contact me at

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Patrick Parker
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